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DGC Events

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DGC General Meeting: "Correct Pruining of Shrubs and Trees" by Mel Zaloudek

DGC General Meeting: "Correct Pruning of Shrubs and Trees" by Mel Zaloudek (za-low-dek)

6:30pm - Social
7:00pm - Presentation followed by General meeting.

"Correct Pruning of Shrubs and Trees" 

Mel graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor's Degree in Taxonomic Botany and served on the Horticulture Faculty of Triton College in River Grove for 20 years.  He is currently an independent landscaping consultant and has been presenting programs regularly to groups large and small across the greater Chicago metropolitan area for many years.

His program, "Correct Pruning of Shrubs and Trees" is a short course on the proper techniques and aesthetic goals of tree and shrub trimming which have frustrated all too many homeowners and more than a few professional landscapers.  Various tolls will be demonstrated.  Since pruning dominates the overall appearance of any property, for better or worse, why not come and learn the easiest total makeover for your home?