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Darien Garden Club News

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Partners in Planting America

1st Place

2018 Central Region

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National Garden Clubs Award

1st Place for Floral Design Program

May 2018

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Chicago Living Corridors Article

GREAT review for our 2018 Spring Gardening Inspiration! 


An extension of Sunny Patch at IPPL, the Prairie Patch was planted by the community including some of our members on a cold rain soaked day in May.  During the summer children and teens helped to maintain the gardens by hauling water from rain barrels and then had a short gardening related lesson. Adults also were charged with watering, weeding, and watching during the summer.  

Many pounds of food are now being donated to local needy families - what a WIN WIN, WIN!

Watch the Video! 

GCI District II 2018 Awards


Award # 41

Club Achievement Award

Purple Rosette - 330 points

Gold Seal Award.jpg

Award #42

Club Horticulture Award

Gold Seal - 643 points